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What it costs

CityScoot costs about the same as a cab and we drive you home in your own car. It’s cheaper than you think and always cheaper than a DUI.

Many serving establishments are dedicated to responsibility, safety and their customers.

Some of these have partnered with us to offer special CityScoot pricing and availability. They help pay for the cost of CityScoot and with their help a ride home could be as little as $9. scooter patrolAsk your favorite serving establishment if they have the "CityScoot deal."

Regular pricing is based upon a $9 pick up fee and mileage fee of $3.50. Our drivers are tracked by GPS and we use mapping software to determine the cost of your trip before picking you up.

The average cost of a safe ride home from CityScoot is about $20. Please call our dispatchers with any questions or for an instant quote.

Private events

CityScoot can be reserved any time on-site at your event. Private gatherings, corporate functions, conventions, scooter patrolyou name it.

Event hosts will enjoy unparalleled risk management and comprehensive liability protection from our on-site, fully-insured designated drivers.

Guests will appreciate your offering of a complimentary personal chauffeur and your commitment to responsibility.

Marketing materials will communicate the offering to your guests and our on-site drivers and chase car personnel are dedicated to safely delivering them home in their own vehicle. In addition our dispatch staff is ready to coordinate services and answer any questions.

Call CityScoot at 502-566-6384 or e-mail us for details.

How to use CityScoot

CityScoot is available 7 nights a week from 10 pm to 5 am. For about the same price as a cab, our dispatchers will send a driver to meet you at your vehicle.

Our professional designated drivers will safely drive you home in your own vehicle. You must be within our pickup area to request a driver, however, our drivers will drive you home to any destination in or out of this area.

1. Call 502-56-NO DUI about 30 minutes before you are ready to leave.

2. Our driver arrivesfolded scooter on a folding scooter, places it in a bag, and stores it in the trunk of your car.

3. You are delivered home safely in your own vehicle.

4. Our driver leaves on the scooter or in a chase car.